SiN-EV meeting: Improving rigour and standardisation of extracellular vesicle clinical studies

When: Thursday, December 10th, 2020, 14.00-18.00 CET
Where: virtually, via Webex interface

You are kindly invited to attend the yearly meeting of the Slovenian network for extracellular vesicles SiN-EV on the topic: “Improving rigour and standardisation of extracellular vesicle clinical studies“.

In the first part (14-16.10h CET), international experts on extracellular vesicles will present their work: Kenneth W. Witwer, Gabriella Pocsfalvi, Alicia Llorente, Elena S. Martens-Uzunova, An Hendrix.

In the second part (16.30-18.00h CET), hands-on workshop on EV-TRACK database ( will be organised, with a focus on how to submit your research and improve its impact and reach (PhD students and postdocs are especially invited).

The detailed program is attached. The language of the meeting is English.

The deadline for registration is Monday, December 7th, on the following link Registration to only one or both parts of the meeting is possible. We will send the link to access the meeting and workshop to your e-mail one day before the event.

2. SiN-EV working group meeting

I would like to thank all the members of the SiN-EV working group, Tanja Blagus, Katja Goričar, Marija Holcar, Saša Koprivec, Veronika Kralj Iglič, Teja Lavrin, Marija Meznarič, Sara Redenšek, Ivana Sedej, Ana Špilak, Ula Štok, David Vogrinc and Alja Zottel, for dedicating their time to the success of the Slovenian network for extracellular vesicles.

Metka Lenassi

Welcome to the Slovenian network for extracellular vesicles – SiN-EV!

Extracellular vesicles are a heterogeneous population of membrane bound particles with specific molecular composition, which are released from cells and accumulate in various body fluids in humans. They are an important communication vehicle in physiological processes and various pathological conditions, which is driving enormous interest for human diagnostics and therapeutic applications.

SiN-EV is the Slovenian network of students, researchers and clinicians interested in the field of extracellular vesicles. Our aim is to locally facilitate high quality, high impact EV research through fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, infrastructure building and training. We also facilitate dissemination of SiN-EV member achievements to international scientific community, local institutional bodies and lay public.

To become a member, please contact us at

Metka Lenassi,
SiN-EV President

Katja Goričar,
Web-site and social media coordinator

Marija Holcar,
News and events coordinator