Medical Centre for Molecular Biology

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics


Laboratory of SNPs and genetic analysis in gastric cancer

PI: Petra Hudler

Stomach adenocarcinoma is associated with non-specific symptoms which results in late diagnosis and poor survival. Hypergastrinemia occurs in patients with atrophic gastritis and plays a role in tumour development. We are interested in the effect of gastrointestinal hormone gastrin on EV composition and secretion from gastric (cancer) cell lines and their contribution to tumorigenesis.

Laboratory of Proteomics, nanobodies and glioblastoma targeting

PI: Radovan Komel

Laboratory of Proteomics, nanobodies and glioblastoma targeting focuses on research of nanobodies that target potential novel biomarkers of glioblastoma stem cells, as well as on the study of small extracellular vesicles and archaesosmes as prospective systems for the therapeutic delivery of nanobodies. Furthermore, the laboratory is also studying small extracellular vesicles as a source of potential glioblastoma biomarkers.

Molecular genetics of psychiatric disorders

PI: Alja Videtič Paska

Psychiatric disorders represent one of the leading disease and disability burdens worldwide. As psychiatrist do not have any objective measure for support of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring, the search for biomarkers in psychiatry represents important point. Therefore, research on extracellular vesicles could contribute to advancement of the neuroscientific understanding of molecular mechanisms of health and disease.

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