ISEV2022 Annual Meeting

All are invited to attend 11th International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV2022) Annual Meeting, which will happen live from 26th-29st May 2022 in Lyon, France.

Sessions and topics of the Meeting include: Biomarkers, Therapeutics, Physiology and pathology, Fundamental biology, Technologies and Methods, Science and communication.

At the moment Abstract Submission site is opened and will close on January 7th 2022. More information:

You can register for the Meeting here: Early registration ends on February 15th 2022.

The Meeting will be accompanied by an Education Day, planned to educate new researchers and to assist with updating those already working in this field on topics of: EV preparation and characterization; EV biogenesis, targeting, uptake; EV application as biomarkers and therapeutics; and Advances and trends in EVs. Education Day will take place on Wednesday 25th May 2022 in the same venue as the main conference. ISEV2022 Conference Attendees can add Education Day at the registration, there is also a possibility to attend the Education Day only.

More information is available at the Meeting website:

After two virtual meetings, come and meet in person!

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