ISEV2021 Annual Meeting

All are invited to attend ISEV2021 Annual Meeting, which will happen virtually from 18th-21st May 2021. Sessions and topics of the Meeting include: EV biomarkers; EV-based therapeutics; EVs of specific cells, organs, diseases, and organisms; Fundamental biology and function of EVs; Technologies and Methods.

At the moment Late Breaking Submission site is opened and will close on March 1st 2021. More information:
You can register for the Meeting here: Early registration ends on March 11th 2021.

The Meeting will be accompanied by an Education Day, where lecturers present the overview of the chosen EV-subfield. This year’s topics of the Education Day include: Isolation & Characterization of EVs; Methodologies for studying EV biogenesis&fate; Specific Methodologies applied to biofluid and specific organisms; Therapeutic and diagnostic use of EVs. Education Day will take place on Wednesday 12th May. ISEV2021 Full Conference Attendees will have full access to Education Day, there is also a possibility to attend the Education Day only.

More information is available at the Meeting website:

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