Seminarji mreže SiN-EV

Lepo vabljeni na 1. seminar mreže SiN-EV, ki bo potekal v četrtek, 15. aprila, ob 14h. V okviru seminarjev bodo člani SiN-EV predstavili svoje delo ali izpostavili vidnejše objavljene raziskave iz področja zunajceličnih veziklov.

ISEV2021 Annual Meeting

All are invited to attend ISEV2021 Annual Meeting, which will happen virtually from 18th-21st May 2021.

2. SiN-EV working group meeting

I would like to thank all the members of the SiN-EV working group for dedicating their time to the success of the Slovenian network for extracellular vesicles.

Welcome to the Slovenian network for extracellular vesicles – SiN-EV!

Extracellular vesicles are a heterogeneous population of membrane bound particles with specific molecular composition, which are released from cells and accumulate in various body fluids in humans. They are an important communication vehicle in physiological processes and various pathological conditions, which is driving enormous interest for human diagnostics and therapeutic applications. SiN-EV is the SlovenianNadaljuj z branjem “Welcome to the Slovenian network for extracellular vesicles – SiN-EV!”

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